Agedashi Tofu

"Fried Tofu in Tempura Sauce with Toppings"

Chicken Kara-aga

"Japanese Chicken Nuggets"

Ebi Panchetta

"Grilled Prawns Wrapped with Bacon Strips"


"Japanese Pot Stickers"

Shrimp Tempura Appertizer

"Shrimp Tempura Battered and deep fried"

Hiya Yakko

"Chilled Tofu Topped with Bonito and Green Onions"

Kaki Fry

"Breaded and Deep Fried Oysters"

Kobe Eggrolls

"Filled with Shrimp and Vegetables"


"Japanese Potato Cakes"

Shrimp Tempura Mix

"Juicy Shrimp and Vegetables Battered and Deep Fried"

Soft Shell Crab

"Fried and Served with Katsu Sauce"

Vegetable Tempura

"An Assortment of Fresh Vegetables Battered and Deep Fried"

Zaru Soba

"Buckwheat Noodle Served Cold with Dipping Sauce"


Kobe Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Boat
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